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What is myCommNet?
myCommNet is a source of information for students, faculty and staff of the Connecticut Community Colleges, and provides access to a broad array of personal, academic, and work-related services. (We are in the first phase of this portal development. During the second phase, there will be many improvements...stay tuned.)
What can I access through the portal?
Users of myCommNet will be granted access to the following as is appropriate and required for their function:
  • Banner Self-Service products; a place where students can access their academic data and faculty can manage their courses.
  • And also...
    • register for courses
    • pay tuition, fees and check account balances
    • view grades
    • check financial aid
  • Blackboard Vista; a learning management system used by students and faculty for web-enhanced, hybrid and online courses.
  • library databases; online resources available through your library.
  • links to other websites of interest
What does the tell me?
Anywhere you see the your data is secured with Verisign's SSL.

Accessing myCommNet

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How do I sign in to myCommNet?
You will use your Network ID (NetID) and password to sign on. Please refer to the NetID FAQ. (http://www.commnet.edu/netid/netid-faq.asp)
Why is my browser displaying a Security Certificate error?
You might be using the wrong address for myCommNet login, if you are getting the "There is a problem with this website's security certificate." error. Please access myCommNet via http://my.commnet.edu. (Note: The correct address starts with http, not https.)
What is my initial password?
Please refer to the NetID FAQ. (http://www.commnet.edu/netid/netid-faq.asp#Q3)
How do I unlock my account?
Have you ever received the following message: “Unable to log you on because your account has been locked?” If so, this message indicates that your account has been locked. Please try back later once your account has had time to automatically unlock itself. If you continue to get this error, please find the appropriate support contact for your college. (http://www.commnet.edu/portal/contacts/)
How do I reset my password?
If a password is forgotten please reset the password at https://www.commnet.edu/netid/password.aspx. More information can be obtained from the NetID FAQ (http://www.commnet.edu/netid/netid-faq.asp)
How do I change my password after I have logged into myCommNet?
After logging into myCommnet, click the [Change Password] link in the upper left near your name and follow the prompts through the Password Change Menu. You will be asked to enter your old password and then enter a new password confirming that it contains the required criteria described on the page.
Who do I contact if I need help with my NetID and password?
Please refer to the NetID FAQ (http://www.commnet.edu/netid/help.asp)
Who do I contact if I have questions on logging in?
Please refer to the NetID HELP (http://www.commnet.edu/netid/help.asp)
What is a NetID and what is my NetID?
Please refer to the NetID Page. (http://www.commnet.edu/netid/netid-faq.asp)
Is access to myCommNet limited to the college campuses?
No. Faculty, staff, and students at all colleges will have access to myCommNet, both on-campus, and off-campus from any computer with Internet access.
When can I access myCommNet as a student?
Students can access myCommNet after the NetID is created. The NetID is created within two hours after student admission to the college. Students can therefore log on to myCommNet before registering for classes, to check financial aid status, etc. Some IT resources outside of myCommNet (e.g., classroom and lab computers, etc.) might not be accessible until after the student has actually registered for classes.
When can I access myCommNet as a faculty?
The myCommNet Faculty role is automatically assigned and maintained for those who have taught recent courses (i.e., term ending within the past 365 days). Faculty role and NetID is created within two hours after course assignment in SSASECT. Faculty role is automatically revoked 365 days past end-of-term for last course assignment, or when the faculty member is flagged for removal via SWAINST.
Which student population can use myCommNet?
All students who have attended any of the 12 colleges since Fall 2005 term and any new students will receive myCommNet accounts with a student role (student tab). Students will continue to have a student role (student tab) in myCommNet for two years after their last attendance term. myCommNet student role (student tab) will be re-established when returning students are put through the Banner re-admission process.
What if I forget my password and or NetID?
Please refer to the NetID Page. (http://www.commnet.edu/netid/netid-faq.asp#Q4)
Who do I contact if I have any other questions?
Each college has contact information. (http://www.commnet.edu/portal/contacts/)
Do I need to disable pop-up blockers?
Yes. Many of the systems accessed through myCommNet open in a new window and therefore require that pop-ups be allowed. In order to have the best myCommNet experience, please configure any pop-up blockers on your PC to include "my.commnet.edu" in the list of exceptions (i.e., to allow the pop-ups). Be sure to include all pop-up blockers associated with your browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer) and any other software packages installed on your PC (e.g., Norton, Yahoo, Google, AOL Toolbars, as they come with their own pop-up blockers). For more information, please refer to your software’s help resource to find out how to turn-off your pop-up blockers.

Please refer to the link for a document that may assist you in turning off pop-up blockers. (http://www.commnet.edu/portal/tuneup/default.asp)
For more information, please refer to your software’s help resource to find out how to turn off your pop-up blockers.
What web browsers are recommended for use with myCommNet?

 Internet Explorer 7 *
 Internet Explorer 8
 Firefox 8

* There is a known bug with drop-down lists in IE7. Click here for details.

Please note that Internet Explorer 9 is NOT recommended.
Please note that Google Chrome is NOT recommended.
Other browsers may or may not work.

For your convenience, links to recommended browsers can be found near the bottom of our Browser Plug-ins & Downloads page.

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